BG ranks high in Niche's best places and schools lists

From its exceptional schools and green spaces to its accessibility and commitment to progress, we've got the best that life has to offer. BG is a shining example of a place where smart decisions and heartfelt connections thrive in unison. Where every decision and every day is Smart. With Heart. And it seems that Niche agrees. It's latest 2024 statewide and nationwide rankings place BG and its area schools at or near the top for best places to live and best public schools.

  • Buffalo Grove is the #3 place with the best public schools in Illinois (#10 in America), the #5 best place to live in Illinois (#53 in America) and the #9 best place to raise a family in Illinois (#30 in America).
  • Stevenson High School ranked as the #1 best school district in America and the #5 best public school in Illinois.
  • Buffalo Grove High School is the #28 best public school in Illinois.
  • High School District 214 (home to BGHS and Wheeling HS) ranked as the #37 best school district in America.

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