Residential Rental

The Residential Rental Licensing helps maintain a high standard of living and protect our community.


The Village is now accepting license renewal applications for 2024. If you have an existing rental property in Buffalo Grove, please complete the 2024 Residential Rental License Application and return it with the required fee prior to December 31, 2023

Please read page 2 of the application carefully as there have been many changes to the program!

On November 2, 2020, the Village Board approved two ordinances that updated the rental inspection structure as well as the fee structure. You can view the ordinances here:

  • Ordinance 2020-89: Amending Chapter 15.36 Residential Rental Housing Program
  • Ordinance 2020-90: Amending Chapter 1.16 Fee Schedule Program as it Relates to the Rental Program

  • The Village processes 2000 plus rental applications a year. The rental season administrative process starts in November.  Rental licenses are from January 1 – December 31.  All notification information is sent by email only, therefore, make sure the email address is correct for all correspondence. 
  • We are not able to process in-person applications at this time. A rental dropbox is located at the Village Hall. Applications can also be sent to or through regular mail. Please allow up to 30 business days for processing and notifications during high peak rental season.  Rental application and license fee must be received by the Village by December 31st.
  • If preferred, pre-payment can be turned in with your application at the Village dropbox or by mail. The yearly rental license fee is $85.00. All rental fees and guidance can be found at - Pg. 2.
    • Cash (in person) can be dropped with an envelope in the dropbox.  Do not send cash through the mail.
    • Check (payable to – Village of Buffalo Grove) – Can be mailed with application or put in the Village dropbox.
  • Once the rental application is received, you will receive an email within 30 business days regarding next steps and payment options (if prepayment has not been made) that will include credit card options (3% cc processing fees).
  • Inspections: (847) 459-2530 – Inspections/reinspections can be up to 2 weeks out and are done in time windows, Monday-Friday, AM: 9a-12p and PM: 12p-3p.
  • Once inspections are completed and approved, the rental license certificate will come to your email within 2 weeks. (Check spam) Your approved inspection report will act as a temporary certificate until the certificate is received.  *Rental inspection(s) must be completed by March 31st.
The Village of Buffalo Grove continues to support green initiatives and conveniences through email communications, online information, and portal payments; consequently, paper mailings have been discontinued.  Applications, requirements, and rental information are located online –

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