Community Relations and Crime Prevention


The Community Relations Unit, commonly referred to as the “CRU”, is comprised of one (1) Crime Prevention Officer, two (2) Police Community Officers for Research and Engagement (P-CORE), and the Police Social Worker. The unit is assigned to the Administration Division of the police department.

These individual assignments make up the unit whose goal is to make the Buffalo Grove Police Department more readily accessible to its residents and community members. The unit is proactive in their approach for ways to become more interactive with our public, in an effort to further combat crime and create a strong sense of community. The group regularly presents to a variety of age groups, covering a vast array of topics, such as: scams, online safety, mobile phone safety, “sexting”, and more.

Members of the CRU can often be found at Village of Buffalo Grove events such as Buffalo Grove Days, the Farmer’s Market, BG Park District’s National Night Out, and other various happenings throughout the village. Also, programs such as Random Acts of Kindness Day, Bowl with a Cop, Shop with a Cop, and the “Good McDeeds” initiative with McDonald’s, have all been inaugurated by the CRU.

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