Public Works Services

Welcome to Buffalo Grove, and welcome to the Public Works Department.

Public Works touches resident and business owner lives on a daily basis, whether serving clean water to  your tap, collecting wastewater from your drains, constructing new roads, installing new water mains or clearing snow and ice from the Village owned roadways so that Police, Fire, and other first responders can safely reach you in an emergency, we are here to help. 

The department is responsible for the design and maintenance of the streets, sidewalks, water and sewer systems, parkway trees, natural areas, and street lights throughout the village.  Internally, we also maintain village owned buildings, and service a fleet of Police, Fire, and Public Works vehicles and equipment.  Whether we are out sweeping streets, trimming trees, controlling snow and ice, or performing other maintenance, you will see our highly trained and capable crews on the street at any time of day. 

While the department's hours are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday, we are available for after hours and weekend call back by contacting the Police Department non-emergency number at (847) 459-2560.  For example, if you are experiencing a sewer back up, you can call us before you call a plumber.  

The Public Works Department also prides itself in utilizing technology to streamline processes and continually look for cost savings.  As conscious stewards of tax dollars, we strive to run lean and make appropriate, data-based decisions.

The Public Works Department is committed to customer satisfaction through efficient and effective delivery of all services and programs.  

We hope that the linked pages help answer questions about our services, but if you ever have a question about what we do, please don't hesitate to reach out here or stop one of us on the street. We're in the big yellow trucks.  

Michael Skibbe- Director of Public Works & Engineering

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Michael Skibbe

Michael Skibbe

Director of Public Works
51 Raupp Blvd.Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Ph: 847-459-2545
Hours: 7:00 am - 3:30 pm Monday - Friday

APWA AA LogoOn May 26, 2004, the Village of Buffalo Grove Public Works Department received national accreditation from the American Public Works Association (APWA). The purpose of the accreditation program is to provide a means of formally verifying and recognizing public works agencies for compliance with the recommended practices set forth in the Public Works Management Practices Manual. It is a voluntary, self-motivated approach to objectively evaluate, verify and recognize compliance with the recommended management practices.

Buffalo Grove Public Works was the 2nd agency to earn accreditation in Illinois and the 16th agency to earn accreditation in North America.  They have received full reaccreditation every four years, most recently in 2020.