Sidewalks & Paths
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walk Installation
Buffalo Grove has about 250 miles of (Village-owned) sidewalk, bike paths, and multi-use paths in town. Despite this extensive network, there are still gaps which inconvenience our residents and visitors. Typically, sidewalk gaps are installed during development of a subdivision or parcel. The Village does, however, utilize exterior funding as it becomes available to complete key gaps not anticipated for redevelopment, and which fit within our funding requirements.

Sidewalk Repairs

Despite being a very durable material, concrete sidewalks panels 
sidewalk - grinding
can move due to utilities, frost cycles and tree roots. Every year, Public Works identifies sidewalk panels needing replacement due to a variety of reasons: panels that are substantially damaged, dislocated, or cause drainage issues and fall into certain geographic areas are slated for repairs, usually removal and replacement.

Sidewalk repairs generally follow three simple modes: grinding down panels, raising (sometimes called jacking) sidewalk panels, and removing/replacing panels. Typically, the Village will contract out sidewalk repairs as this is the quickest, most efficient use of funds, leads to the best final product, and minimizes disturbances to residents. The Village generally follows a geographic-based maintenance cycle to ensure that sidewalks are inspected regularly.