Investigations Services

The Investigations Section aims to successfully identify, target, arrest and prosecute those involved in criminal activity within Buffalo Grove.

The section is comprised of four detectives and two Directed Patrol Unit officers (DPU) who are all overseen by the Unit Commander. DPU focuses on higher crime areas, with the ultimate goal of reducing drug related crimes. If you have a crime tip, please contact Commander Nugent.

While these employees are located within the department, the unit also contains two officers who are assigned to specialty task forces within federal agencies. One member is currently assigned to the Drug Enforcement Agency, while the other is working in Immigration and Customs Enforcement - Homeland Security Investigations.

All members assigned to the Investigations Section are specially trained in a variety of disciplines, to include: cyber and computer crimes, crimes against children, financial and white crime activities, homicide, and other felonious activities. Due to their training, the detectives are able to offer greater assistance and expertise to the residents of Buffalo Grove and community members.

Currently, two members of the Investigations Division are assigned to the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force. Their assignment puts them on call at all times; they will respond to high profile and in-depth investigations within Lake County.

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