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NAACP and IACP Ten Shared PrinciplesIn 2018 the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and the Illinois NAACP partnered to create a document called the Ten Shared Principles. This document was signed by every member of the police department in December of 2018 and is framed on display in the main hallway of the department. The principles are as follows.
CALEA Accredited DepartmentThe Buffalo Grove Police Department has been an internationally accredited professional law enforcement agency since 1987.  Four (4) percent of law enforcement agencies are accredited Nationwide through CALEA and five (5) percent are accredited in Illinois

The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) was formed in 1979 to create a professional management model for police agencies.  CALEA Accreditation programs provide public safety agencies with an opportunity to voluntarily meet an established set of professional standards which require:

  • Comprehensive and uniform written directives that clearly define authority, performance, and responsibilities
  • Reports and analyses to make fact-based and informed management decisions
  • Preparedness to address natural or man-made critical incidents
  • Community relationship-building and maintenance
  • Independent review by subject matter experts
  • Continuous pursuit of excellence through annual reviews and other assessment measures.

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