Current Crimes and Trends

Crime prevention at home
Travel Safety
Keep your home safe while you’re away. Follow these simple tips to help prevent your home from becoming a target for burglars:
  • Keep your yard clean, prune shrubbery so windows and doors can be seen.
  • Install adequate lighting for the exterior of your home- motion lighting too.
  • Be sure to lock all doors and windows, including pet doors.
  • Use timers on interior lights when you are away from home, even if you're going out for a short time.
  • Have a trusted neighbor keep an eye on your home and collect any mail, newspapers, and packages.
  • Hold your mail if no one can collect it and have your driveway plowed to not signal the property is unoccupied.
  • Wait to post your travel plans or photos of your trip until you get home.
  • Consider a home alarm system and doorbell camera system.
  • Request a vacation house watch with the police department.
  • And don’t forget to keep your vehicle safe… ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DOORS!
When in doubt, report suspicious activity by calling 911.

Package Theft Prevention
The convenience of online shopping makes it easier than ever to shop from home, but it also presents an opportunity for potential package thieves. There are few different options for online shoppers to deter package thefts: 

  • Request a "signature required" delivery option from the shipping provider so the package is delivered directly into your hands. 
  • Select to have your Amazon package delivered to an Amazon Hub Locker.
  • Consider a secured delivery box, such as LoxxBoxx, Eufy Security SmartDrop, or Keter Delivery Box.
  • Consider a video doorbell system to detect motion and activity at your front door, whether it be a delivery or thief. 
  • Ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out for your package if you will not be home when it is delivered. 

Residential Burglaries
BGPD Report of Residential Burglaries: January 1 - November 30, 2023


An analysis was conducted in response to concerns about the recent trends in residential burglaries. The focus was identifying patterns in entry methods, days of the week, months, and locations specific to residential burglaries. This analysis includes data from January 1, 2023 through November 30, 2023.

Key Findings

Methods of Entry:

    • The burglaries do not exhibit a consistent method of entry, suggesting varied tactics used by offenders. This underlines the importance of comprehensive home security measures.

 Items Targeted:

    • There is no specific pattern in the items stolen, indicating that burglars are opportunistic in nature, targeting easily accessible valuables.

 Frequency by Day of the Week:

    • The highest frequency of burglaries occurred on Mondays, followed by Saturdays and Wednesdays.
Day of Week Burg

Frequency by month:
    • March, February, and November experienced the highest number of residential burglaries.

Burgs by Month 
Crime map - 2023 burglaries
Community Crime Map 2023

Catalytic Converter Thefts

BGPD Report of catalytic converter thefts: January 1 - October 20, 2023This report presents a comprehensive analysis of catalytic converter thefts based on reports in Buffalo Grove from January 1, 2023, through October 20, 2023. The analysis aims to identify trends and patterns, to assist in mitigating these incidents and assist in the investigation. 

Patterns and Trends Identified

Vehicle Targeting:

    • Specific vehicle models, particularly the Toyota Prius, are consistently targeted, indicating a preference or ease of access to these models.
    • From 23 reports: 30% Toyota Prius (7) followed by Kia Soul (2).
    • Toyota and Kia are most likely targeted due to:
  • Ground Clearance: Kia and Toyota vehicles have higher ground clearance, making it easier to get underneath the vehicle without needing a jack.
  • Location of the Catalytic Converter: In some models, the catalytic converter is closer to the vehicle's edge, making it more accessible.

Less Secure Fastenings: The catalytic converters in some Kia and Toyota models may be attached with bolts rather than welded on, making them easier to remove.

Cat Converter Thefts by make

Timing and Location:

    • Most thefts occur in parking lots at residential and commercial locations. Incidents predominantly take place overnight or when vehicles are parked for extended periods.
    • 78% (18) occurred in multi-residential parking lots.
    • 40% (9) occurred at Villa Verde Condos.
    • 56% of cases (13) occurred on Wednesday or Friday.
Converter Thefts by Location
Cat Converter Thefts Day of Week

Motor Vehicle Burglaries and Theft
Car Lock - Copy

The Village has recently seen an uptick in motor vehicle burglaries and thefts. Remember these tips to help deter potential burglars: 

  • Always lock your doors and keep valuables out of view in your vehicle, even when leaving your vehicle for just a few moments. Burglars can strike quickly. 
  • While it may be convenient, never leave an extra key fob in your vehicle. This makes it easy for burglars to access your vehicle or drive off with it.   
  • Always call 911 about any suspicious persons or activity. 
  • When possible, park your vehicles inside garages.  Several random burglary crews in the surrounding suburbs have been reported looking in vehicles and checking for unlocked doors.