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porch pirate

Online shopping and package deliveries continue to rise in popularity and are becoming commonplace.  Package theft is considered a property crime and is one of the most common offenses around the country. 

The department would like to provide further resources to online buyers in an attempt to help them keep their packages in their possession.

In regards to shipping companies, many offer a “signature required” option, where the purchaser, or home owner, needs to be present to sign for a package. While this may require additional costs, it can be very helpful, especially when purchasing a higher-priced item. Also, some companies will deliver during a set time frame which the buyer can be made aware of; or you can request delivery during a certain time window, both of which ensure someone is present at the time of delivery.

Those who use Amazon for their purchasing and delivery needs may not be aware of “Amazon Hub Lockers”. Defined as “…secure, self-service kiosks where you can pick up your Amazon packages when it’s convenient for you”; Buffalo Grove currently has three locations: 770 S. Buffalo Grove, at Garden Fresh, 201 N. Milwaukee, at Speedway Gas Station, and 1170 McHenry, at Dev Liquor. 

For those still looking to have packages delivered to their residence when no one is able to be home, there are several options. A box, secured to the porch by bolts or a chain, where the package is placed inside and locks upon closing, is a great option for deliveries.

Eufy Security SmartDrop
Keter Delivery Box

Video doorbell systems are also helpful in letting the buyer know when movement is detected, whether it be the delivery or a thief.

Neighbors can also be a great resource in keeping your packages secure! If you are expecting a delivery, ask a trusted neighbor who will be home during the time of delivery to keep an eye out for it.