Administrative Adjudication FAQs

What is an Administrative Adjudication Hearing?
An administrative adjudication hearing is a civil, not criminal proceeding.  Cases filed for a hearing  are punished by fines and a variety of other penalties, excluding jail time.

How are participants notified that a hearing has been scheduled?
Parties directly involved in the hearings receive a written notice of the hearing via their ticket.

Where do hearings take place?
Scheduled hearings are held at Village Hall, 50 Raupp Blvd, in the Council Chambers room.

What time do the hearings begin?
Hearings begin promptly at the time indicated on the Notice of Violation, typically 9:00 a.m.

Are hearings open to the public?
Yes.  In general, hearings are open to the public.  Disruptive people will be removed.

Do I need to be present at the hearing?
Yes.  You must attend the hearing.  If you fail to attend, you may have a default judgment entered.

What if I miss my hearing?
If the individual or a representative fails to appear for the scheduled hearing, the individual is found in default and the Administrative Hearing Officer will conduct the hearing in their absence.  Any fines and penalties will still be levied on the individual.  If the individual is a default due to illness or emergency, they will have 21 days to request hearing.

What should I bring to the hearing?
You should bring any documents or materials you want to present to the Administrative Hearing Officer as evidence.  If English is not your primary language, you should arrange to have a translator present.  

Do I need an attorney?
The individual contesting charges may represent him or herself, hire an attorney to represent them at their own expense or, in some cases have a representative attend the hearing on their behalf.

When will the Administrative Hearing Officer issue a decision in my case?
The decision will be given at the end of the hearing and in a written form.

Another questions not listed?
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