SAFER Buffalo Grove Triad


What is the SAFER Buffalo Grove Triad?

The SAFER Buffalo Grove Triad is a community safety initiative that focuses on improving the safety, security, and peace of mind of the senior population through education efforts and community engagement.

The goals of SAFER are to:

Reduce criminal victimization of seniors in our community
Improve the safety and well-being of seniors in our community
Educate seniors about the services available to them through local agencies

SAFER was formed in 2018 with representatives from the Buffalo Grove Police Department, Buffalo Grove Fire Department, Buffalo Grove Park District, Vernon Township and Wheeling Township who are committed to recognizing and resolving the risks faced by seniors in our community.  The coalition has expanded to include additional organizations and individuals who are concerned about the safety of local seniors.  

How can I get involved?
SAFER hosts a monthly Public Safety Breakfast at the Buffalo Grove Park District.  These breakfasts provide representatives from the police and fire departments the opportunity to meet with seniors and address any questions or concerns in a fun and casual environment.  Speakers give presentations at each meeting on important, timely topics for our community.  

For more information please visit the SAFER Buffalo Grove TRIAD website here, our Facebook page here, or Twitter here

Who's Listening

Matthew Mills

Matthew Mills

Community Relations Unit
46 Raupp BoulevardBuffalo Grove, IL 60089
Ph: (847) 459-2560