2020 Thompson & Brandywyn Contract 1 Project



Mail Delivery Impact Update - See maps below

East side of Brandywyn and north side of Thompson
The Village is constructing mail box bays, where several boxes will be arranged in a row at a typical mail box height.  These bays will be placed off the project limits, where the mail service can safely reach them every day.  The location of your bay is shown on the maps below (Shawn – use the attached maps), to which the color highlighted on your address matches where the arrow points.  Your box will be labeled with your house number.  We’ve attempted to place the bay as close to your home as possible, while putting it in a location that guarantees continued service from the Post Office.  These new boxes should be assembled and in use by Wednesday, June 17th, or possibly sooner if they are delivered to the Village before then.
West side of Brandywyn and south side of Thompson
Currently the mail carrier has been able to jump into the work zone and deliver the mail to these locations with more success than the other sides due to traffic direction in the detour.  We anticipate there to be challenges with these deliveries as work picks up this week, however the Post Office has worked through congested areas thus far by altering their delivery schedules.  We hope through our coordination the mail will continue to be delivered to these locations with only minor issues when the heaviest construction is directly in front of your mail box.  We will continue to coordinate and monitor this situation.  Thank you for your patience.     

Thompson 1 MailThompson 2 Mail

Brandywyn 1 MailBrandywyn Mail 2

The 2020 Thompson and Brandywyn Contract 1 Project will provide a variety of improvements including base and pavement removal and replacement, curb replacement,  storm sewer improvements, sidewalk improvements and many other facets of work that contribute to the overall improvement of the roadway. 


Thompson Blvd. - Between Brandywyn Ln. and Caren Dr. 
Brandywyn Ln. - Between Thompson Blvd. and Bordeaux Ct. W

  • Full Curb Replacement.
  • Sidewalk Improvements. 
  • Storm Sewer Improvements.
  • Pavement Base Removal and Replacement.
  • Pavement Surface Removal and Replacement. 

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Paving Pic 1Paving Pic 2

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Dirk Peterson, P.E.

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Kyle E. Johnson

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