School Bus Safety

School BusThe Buffalo Grove Police Department would like to remind drivers to abide by Illinois Law relating to school buses on Village roadways. The following information is provided to assist drivers with knowing when and where they are required to stop or yield to school buses.

The only time a vehicle is not required to stop for a school bus is when both vehicles are on a four-lane roadway (e.g. Lake Cook Road) and the bus is stopped in the opposite direction from which a driver is traveling. Any other time, a driver must stop before meeting or overtaking (passing) a school bus that is stopped and loading, or unloading, passengers. 

This includes:

  • Any two-lane roadway (e.g. Weidner Road), in rural areas and within city limits.
  • Any roadway, highway, private road or parking lot located on school property.

Per state statute, drivers should not to proceed until the school bus is back in motion, until the driver of the bus signals motorists to proceed, or until all visual signals (red flashing lights and the STOP arm) are no longer activated. 

A violation and subsequent conviction of violating the law in these situations will lead to a three-month suspension of driving privileges and a mandatory $150 fine. This does not include court costs or attorney fees.  

If violations are observed on Buffalo Grove roadways, please contact Buffalo Grove Police Traffic Sergeant Michelle Kondrat, at or call 847-808-2634.