BG Police Participate in Speed Awareness Day

badgeThe Buffalo Grove Police Department, along with several other agencies in Illinois including the Illinois State Police, Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, Illinois Tollway, Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Families Against Chronic Excessive Speed 4 (FACES4), will be participating in Speed Awareness Day on Wednesday, July 24th. 

The mission of Illinois Speed Awareness Day is to prevent deaths and tragedies, and to reduce injuries on our highways due to excessive speeding. The mission is also to support legislation that strengthens the laws and corresponding penalties of those convicted of offenses related to excessive speeding. According to IDOT, in 2017, crashes involving speed accounted for 33.2-percent of overall crashes, 36.2-percent of fatal crashes, and 37.9-percent of crashes that caused injuries.

On July 24th, Buffalo Grove officers will be focusing on speed-related violations, which include exceeding the posted speed limit, reckless driving, and driving too fast for conditions. Motorists should always be aware of the posted speed limit when traveling; exceeding the posted limits may cause other drivers and pedestrians to misjudge the vehicle’s speed, resulting in a crash.  This is especially true when traveling on residential streets.

Illinois Speed Awareness Day will be in effect for only 24-hours, but the goal is to collectively bring attention to this dangerous choice and change the behavior of all Illinois drivers relating to speeding.