Buffalo Grove Police Chief to Lead International Chiefs Association

R-IACP Village pictureOn October 29, 2019, Buffalo Grove Police Chief Steven Casstevens was sworn-in as the new president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). Chief Casstevens was sworn-in by Buffalo Grove Village Manager, Dane Bragg, in front of nearly 1,200 law enforcement leaders, Buffalo Grove elected officials and police officers, and representatives from each Village Department.

“Buffalo Grove proudly supports Chief Casstevens as president of the IACP. His professional leadership and accomplishments reflect the core values of our organization, and our community,” said Village Manager Bragg. “We greatly appreciate his service to our residents and in furthering the law enforcement profession locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.”

Chief Casstevens will serve a one-year term as the IACP President, where he will embark on a journey requiring him to travel internationally; his focuses will be on trans-national issues such as police suicide prevention, global roadway safety, and addressing best practices in police response to active threats.

Throughout his involvement with the IACP, he has served on numerous committees, authored articles for police magazines and publications, and served as an adjunct instructor for the Northwestern University for Public Safety, for the School of Police Staff and Command.

A career highlight of Chief Casstevens’ service with IACP began in 2018, when he attended a conference in Sao Paolo, Brazil. While there, he assessed a project that began in 2017 relating to the reckless operation of motorcycles and impaired driving. Since his involvement began, there has been an 84-percent improvement in the detection of impaired drivers, resulting in a traffic crash fatality reduction of 1,100.

“I am incredibly honored to be the 107th president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and to have been sworn in by Village Manager Dane Bragg,” said Chief Casstevens. “The support I have had from the Buffalo Grove elected officials and our Police Department has been nothing but amazing. I am so proud to serve as the Buffalo Grove police chief.”

For more information about the IACP, please visit: theiacp.org