Village of Buffalo Grove Confirms Negative Test Result for Potential COVID-19 Exposure

BG Special MSThe Village of Buffalo Grove has received confirmation of a negative test result for the individual believed to have caused a potential COVID-19 exposure in a Village of Buffalo Grove facility, and to Village employees. No one from the public was potentially exposed.

The individual is an on-site vendor who was working in a Village facility and had in-person contact with a friend’s parent who displayed flu-like symptoms and had recently returned from Europe. The parent was tested for COVID-19 Monday, March 16, and the Village was notified of the negative test result today (Tuesday, March 18).

Despite this positive news, the Village of Buffalo Grove continues to take all precautions necessary to assist in slowing or limiting the spread of COVID-19 to the greater community.

This includes an Executive Order and a Local State of Emergency Proclamation issued by Village President Beverly Sussman on March 17, which ensures the Village has the authority and ability to react immediately for the safety of the community. The Executive Order and Proclamation of the Local State of Emergency are published on the Village website here:

The Village continues to focus on the delivery of essential services. For additional updates, the Village strongly encourages residents and businesses to follow the Village’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, NextDoor, and LinkedIn. Updates will also be posted on the website at