Executive Order Requires Individuals and Essential Workers to Wear Face Coverings While In Public

BART_FaceCoveringsRequired_COVID-19_1920x1080_0Village President Beverly Sussman has issued an Executive Order that requires the use of face coverings over the nose and mouth for all individuals five years of age and older who are engaged in essential activities. These include when shopping for groceries, home goods and medications, visiting healthcare professionals and utilizing public transportation. Employees of essential businesses currently in operation are also required to wear face coverings while at work, and businesses are required to refuse admission or services to anyone not wearing a face cover. Restaurants can provide curbside pickup, drive through or food delivery only; customers are not allowed to enter any dining establishment to pick up food. The Executive Order will go into effect at 11:59 p.m. Thursday, April 23, 2020.

Signs stating, “Entrance Prohibited Without Face Covering” will be delivered by the Village to all essential and operating businesses to be posted at their locations. Per Village Code Section 1.08, Buffalo Grove Police and the Community Development Department will enforce the Order. Penalties will include a citation with fines of up to $750, and individuals as well as businesses that defy the order can both be cited.

“This Executive Order is part of the Village’s ongoing efforts to protect our essential workers from COVID-19 exposures, in addition to protecting the health and safety of our entire community,” said Village Manager Dane Bragg, adding, “We wish we did not have to order these measures, but preventing the spread of COVID-19 remains a high priority in Buffalo Grove.”   

The Village is proactively working with stores and offices to minimize the number of patrons inside essential businesses at any one time and encourage the placement of trash receptacles at cart corrals for the disposal of face coverings and gloves.

Face coverings will not be required when individuals are outside and observing a safe social distance from others, as well as when they are operating or riding in a vehicle, or while in their own residence.

For individuals who do not have access to a face mask, sufficient face coverings can be created with materials in the home. A video on how to make a face cover can be found at https://www.vbg.org/facecover?. Homemade face coverings should securely cover both the nose and mouth, and be secured with rubber bands, hair ties or ear loops around the ears. Coverings should have multiple layers of fabric that do not obstruct breathing and can be washed and dried in a traditional washer and dryer, according to the Centers for Disease Control. 

The full Executive Order, frequently asked questions, and a video from Emergency Management Agency Director and Fire Chief Make Baker regarding the Order, are also included on the website page listed above.

This Executive Order will remain in effect through the duration of Governor Pritzker’s “Stay at Home” order. As of April 23, 2020, the Illinois Department of Public Health reports 73 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Buffalo Grove.