Village Announced Restructuring, New Public Works Leadership

Team BGThe Village is proud to announce a new leadership team has been formed within the Public Works Department, along with the restructuring of other roles, to continue to increase the efficiency and quality of services provided to the community.

Mike Skibbe, former Deputy Director of the Public Works Department, will now lead as its new Director, and Kyle Johnson, previously a Civil Engineer II, has been promoted to Assistant Director. Village Engineer Darren Monico will take on new leadership roles within Public Works, and former Purchasing Manager Brett Robinson is now the Administrative Services Director.

“These changes position the Village for our next chapter in innovation and will increase efficiencies across departments and throughout the organization,” said Village Manger Dane Bragg. “For Public Works, Mike brings the experience, know-how and vision that we need - both in these trying times, and for the long-term.”
Skibbe has served the Village for 22 years and takes over for recently retired Director Mike Reynolds; he will oversee both engineering and operations. He will be supported by Johnson, who will manage the water, sewer, and drainage utilities and continue to direct the Village’s 5-year, $175 million infrastructure modernization program.

Other changes include tapping into existing talent through increasing Monico’s role to include a new focus on supporting development activities and strengthening communications with regional agencies who regularly partner with the Village on infrastructure and road projects.

“Public Works must adapt now to our changing world and changing resident expectations; the pandemic has absolutely transformed the way we need to deliver services,” Skibbe said. “I am eager to continue to prove our value through our new team and to provide high service levels for lower cost using a data-driven, decision-making model.”

Robinson moves into the role of Administrative Services Director, where he will now manage day-to-day functions of the IT Department, GIS services and related contracts. He will continue to serve as the chief procurement officer as he did while he was the Purchasing Director, managing all processes, digital records, and contract compliance. He has served the Village for more than 34 years, starting his career in the Water Section of Public Works.