Buffalo Grove Police Giving out Coupons for Free Slurpees®

This summer, Buffalo Grove Police Officers will be dispensing well-deserved Slurpee® justice to area youth. For the 27th year, 7-Eleven® is partnering with local police departments to distribute free Slurpee® drink coupons to local children through the popular Operation Chill® community service program.

Officers use the Slurpee® coupons to enhance relationships with young people in the community by rewarding them for good deeds, constructive activities, and acts of kindness. Appropriate ‘offenses’ could include helping others, deterring crime, wearing a bike helmet or other acts of safety, and participating in community or police-sponsored events.

“Being rewarded for positive behaviors can foster better and more trustworthy relationships between our local children and our police officers,” said Buffalo Grove Police Chief Steven Casstevens. “One of the Department’s goals is to continue to grow our successes by building bridges with our community, and this is one way to do that.” Although the reasons for being ‘ticketed’ vary, the result is the same for every youngster; a free Slurpee® drink and a smile, as a reward for positive behaviors and actions. Coupons can be redeemed for a small Slurpee® drink at participating 7-Eleven® stores.