Police Department Services for At-Risk Residents

The Police Department recently unveiled new enhancements to its At-Risk Resident program. Identification cards and wearable ID tags are now available for residents with special needs or disabilities, in order to help first responders assist them during an emergency. 

In accordance with the Illinois Premise Alert Act, this program enables these residents or their guardians, to provide personal information that places them in an ‘at-risk’ category to be utilized for police, fire and/or emergency medical services. Information is stored in a database, kept confidential and used only by first responders when emergency services are needed. The program is designed to help officers assist residents who have cognitive or physical conditions including deafness, blindness, autism, mobility issues, dementia, are unable to communicate, or have other conditions that can affect interactions with first responders.  

To expand upon services available to at-risk residents, the Department, with guidance from the Rick Kahen Commission for Residents with Disabilities, has enhanced the At-Risk Resident program. Now, when an individual is registered in the database, they can obtain a HEALTH iD tag and/or a Police Department-issued identification card at no cost. The HEALTH iD tag, manufactured by Road iD, is for individuals who may have difficulty communicating their identifying information, emergency contacts, or other information about their condition. The information is engraved on a plate that can be attached to a silicone bracelet, watchband or shoelace, to suit the specific individual. 

The identification cards are produced by the Police Department and have a space for the individual’s picture, identifying information, emergency contacts, and details regarding their condition – as well as suggestions on how to resolve interactions between them and first responders more effectively. More information on this program can be found on the Village website at vbg.org/at-risk-residents. Those interested in the program can request an application from the Police Department. Questions can be directed to the department’s Community Relations Unit at 847-459-2560 or via email communityrelations@vbg.org.