Jingle All the Way and Drive Sober this Holiday Season

With holiday festivities rapidly approaching, the Police Department has announced its participation in a statewide impaired driving awareness campaign starting December 17 through January 3, 2022.  

“Driving impaired under the influence of alcohol or drugs can have catastrophic consequences and is illegal in every state,” said Lieutenant Michael Rodriguez. “Not only do you put yourself at risk, but you risk the lives of others as well.”   

If your celebration will involve alcohol or other impairing substances, plan ahead for a sober ride home. Remember to buckle up – it’s the best defense against an impaired driver.  

Keep the following tips in mind to help ensure a safe and joyful holiday season: 

  • Before heading to a party, designate a sober driver or plan to use public transportation or a ride-sharing service to get home safely.  
  • If you see an impaired driver on the road, pull over and call 9-1-1. 
  • If a friend is about to drive impaired, take their keys and help them get home safely. 
  • Always buckle up! 


This holiday enforcement effort is made possible by federal traffic safety funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation.