Police Announce Child Passenger Safety Campaign

The Buffalo Grove Police Department will participate in the National Child Passenger Safety Campaign from September 17-30. This campaign will include stepped-up enforcement of child passenger laws to help ensure the safety of children traveling in vehicles in the community.

“As parents and caregivers, we have a long list of things we do for our children to help secure their futures. One of the simplest is to make sure they are in the right car seat for their age and size,” said Lieutenant Mike Rodriguez. “We encourage you to have your car seats checked to ensure they are properly installed, and children are safely buckled up, before you drive.”

The focus of this safety week is to raise awareness and to encourage all parents and caregivers to ensure children are riding in appropriate car seats based on their age and size. Proper installation is also key to making sure the seats effectively protect children.

The campaign is funded by federal traffic safety funds from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and administered through the Illinois Department of Transportation.