Buffalo Grove Fire Department Seeks Community Feedback 

The Buffalo Grove Fire Department is seeking community feedback as part of its 2021 strategic planning process. To gather input, the department has released a Community Survey that is focused on understanding residents’ experiences with fire protection and emergency services. The survey also offers opportunities for respondents to offer open comments on perceived strengths and/or challenges related to services provided by the department. The brief survey is open to all Buffalo Grove residents, business owners, employees, and visitors of Buffalo Grove, with the response period closing on August 8, 2021. 

Incorporating feedback gathered through the Community Survey, the Fire Department’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan will identify goals, objectives, and initiatives that are necessary to plan for the future.  

“As clearly shown by the COVID-19 pandemic, fire departments need to stay flexible in order to react to a changing world,” said Fire Chief Mike Baker. “This strategic plan will ensure the department has proactively identified potential challenges and is actively setting its own path to success”.  

For more information and to respond to the survey, visit www.vbg.org/firestrategicplan