Village Launches New Website

New Site Image

The Village of Buffalo Grove is proud to unveil the new and improved Village website. Over the past year, Village staff, elected officials, and community members provided input for the final website, which launched in early January. 

The Village Board set the following four key goals for the new website:

•  Utilize a data-driven process when creating the site 

•  Implement a fresh, clean, and modern design

•  Develop searchable content with the user in mind 

•  Create a website with a focus on service delivery 

Through a partnership with West Interactive Services, the website team was able to accomplish these goals by building the new site from the ground up. The new homepage features a visually captivating series of featured stories, quick links, trending items, community events, and news items to immediately inform residents and businesses of what is happening in the community. All website pages were optimized with the modern user in mind and are able to be viewed on a traditional computer, tablet, or smartphone. The website’s content was designed to help users access answers to their questions with a minimal number of clicks.

Over the coming months, additional functionality and features will be released. In the spring, the Village expects to see the first in a series short videos exploring topics ranging from the reason Buffalo Grove has overnight parking restrictions to the proper way to angle downspouts, or how to use a fire extinguisher – among other helpful topics. Other features to keep an eye out for are enhanced online permitting capabilities as well as updates for regional road construction projects. The Village welcomes our residents to the new and improved Buffalo Grove website at the same address!