Snow Plowing

The Public Works Department has established a 6 hour cycle time for each snow route.  This means that every street maintained by Buffalo Grove should be plowed from the center line to the curb every 6 hours during a snow event.  The goal for completion of snow and ice control activities is within 8 hours of the end of the storm.  Various emergencies and equipment issues could cause a delay in these response goals, but they help set the departmental pace.  

It is important to note that outside agencies maintain most major thoroughfares.  Please direct inquires to the agency responsible for maintenance at the following numbers.

Snow Agencies

If you don't know which agency maintains a given road, visit the Snow and Ice Control map in our Community Portal.  You can enter your address, or a nearby location, to discover which agency controls snow and ice activities for individual roads.  

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Snow and Ice Control Map:

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Bryan Beitzel

Bryan Beitzel

Maintenance Superintendent
51 Raupp BlvdBuffalo Grove, IL 60089
Ph: 847-459-2545
Hours: 7:00 am - 3:30 pm Monday - Friday
Snow and Ice Control Procedure