Current Planning & Zoning Commission Requests

The Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC)  reviews and considers proposals related to annexations, development, subdivisions, and variations of the Village Code.

Public Hearings/Items for Consideration for the PZC Meeting on June 5, 2019 

The Public Hearing scheduled for May 15, 2019 has been cancelled and the items on the agenda will be moved to June 5, 2019 Agenda.

Location Project Description
104 Sunrdige Lane 1. Installing a five (5) foot solid fence which encroaches into the corner yard setback along Fox Hill Drive. 
2. Installing a six (6) solid fence in the rear yard and side yard of the property.

851 Krause Drive Amendment to Special Use Ordinance 1996-35, as amended by Ordinance 2000-53 and Ordinance 2010-42 and Preliminary Plan Approval.

The Village of Buffalo Grove is seeking to construct a new fire training building as part of the Combined Area Fire Training Facility. 

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