Stay at Home Order

What the Governor’s ‘Stay at Home’ Order Means for Buffalo Grove Residents & Businesses

Please note: This information is based on the most recent communications from the Governor, and is subject to change pending new developments and additional information not yet disseminated. 

Illinois Governor Stay at Home Order

Effective at 5:00pm on 3/21/2020, Governor J.B. Pritzker has issued a statewide ‘Stay at Home’ order.  This order is effective until April 30. Stay at Home means finding a safe place indoors and staying there unless you need to leave for critical or essential services or supplies. The Village of Buffalo Grove offers the following tips for community members to understand what the Stay at home order means for everyday life. 

During this time, please remember to be a good neighbor. If you have elderly or high-risk neighbors, check on their safety. Share groceries and supplies if there is a need.

How Does the Stay at Home Order Impact Our Community?

While we have not experienced a situation like the COVID-19 pandemic in our community, Buffalo Grove has been preparing for a Stay at Home Order. Now that the Illinois Governor has ordered all Illinois residents to Stay at Home, the Village has moved to Level 3: Life Safety Services.

What Does Level 3: Life Safety Services mean for our community? 

Core/essential services provided by the Village will continue. These include services provided by police, firefighter/paramedics, public works (water/sewer operations), and 911 dispatchers. Only Village employees who perform these services will be reporting to work. All other employees will be working remotely or will stay home. All Village facilities, except for the police department, remain closed to the public until further notice.

For emergencies, please call 911.
If there is an influx of 911 calls, they will be prioritized based on the level of urgency/emergency. The Fire and Police Departments have continuity of service plans ready to implement should staffing levels change to ensure the health and safety of the community.

Non-emergency Village service requests or other questions can be directed to the Village’s main number at 847-459-2500. Please note:
hese calls will be routed to a voicemail and returned on a priority basis. If your call is not urgent in nature but requires police attention, the police department can be reached at 847-459-2560.

What is the function of the Illinois National Guard?
There are rumors that the Illinois National Guard was called up by the Illinois Governor to enforce a quarantine. Sixty troops have been activated, and the majority have a medical mission to set up drive-through screening sites for COVID-19.  The remaining troops are medical planners and liaisons, embedded within the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and the Illinois Department of Public Health. Learn more here. 

 Buffalo Grove Police Response to Stay at Home Order.
Police will be out in the community, but the Stay at Home order does not mean they will arrest people if they are not in their homes. The role of our police department is to maintain the public peace during this transitional time. Community members can still make trips to obtain essential services listed above and take walks or bike rides in the community as long as social distance is maintained.

Certain Services for Residents Could Be Suspended.
At this time, residential refuse pickup will continue as normal. Other services, including yard waste pickup, ‘At Your Door Service’ and bulk item pickup are limited, and could be suspended. Community members will be updated on changes through Enews/Special Bulletin. The signup for the Enews communication is here. 

Business Closures
Due to the Stay at Home order, businesses that provide essential services listed are permitted to remain open. Other businesses and organizations exempt from this order will be listed when the information is available. 

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