Prescribed Burns

Please excuse our smoke! What is a prescribed burn?

Fires that are meticulously planned, intentionally set, and carefully managed by the forestry section to manage excess dead plant material and improve biodiversity. Please contact Public Works at 847-459-2545 if you have a medical condition which may be exacerbated by airborne particulates.
Prescribed Burns Pic
The purpose of a prescribed fire (prescribed or controlled burn) is to remove debris and allow the plants more access to sunlight. Our native plants and wildlife are not fire tolerant they are fire-dependent. Removing fire from ecosystem management causes a rapid drop in productivity and a loss of biodiversity. It also helps to identify and treat populations of invasive species as the material hiding them is removed and controls invasive brush by controlling its above-ground growth.

In the Midwest, the burn season starts in mid-October and ends in late April. We burn when the conditions are right for the sites. There are limited burn days due to it being so dependent on warm, dry weather. Our highly trained crews take safety precautions and use only our own specialized equipment under the supervision of Certified Prescribed Burn Managers. We will never go through with the prescribed fire if we feel that it is unsafe or could damage property.


How long does a prescribed burn typically take?
When will prescribed burns near me take place?
How do I get notified of prescribed burns near my neighborhood?
I live next to one of the burn locations, should I be worried about my fence or home?