Metra - Bikes on Train
Consider biking to the Metra Station and taking your bike to the city. Check out the details for bikes on trains

Bike to Metra

A Bike to Metra Guide is available with a map of suggested routes to the Buffalo Grove and Prairie View Metra stations. The Village contracted with the League of Illinois Bicyclists (LIB) to produce the Guide. Copies of the Guide are available free of charge at Buffalo Grove Village Hall and the two Metra stations. 
Bike to Metra Guide

Pace - Bicycle Racks on Buses

The Pace fleet is equipped with easy-to-use bike racks to make public transportation a convenient option for both work commutes and recreational trips. Find out more about the Pace program at Bicycle Racks.

Donate Your Old Bike
  • Go Pedal Power - Donates bikes to underprivileged children in Chicago. In order to receive a bike, the child must have good grades.
  • Working Bikes Cooperative - Recovers landfill-bound bicycles, repairs them to working condition, and sells them to Chicagoans at a low cost in order to fund shipments of bicycles and bike parts to developing countries.
  • Recycling Tires and Inner Tubes - Riding a bike is more eco-friendly than driving a car, but what do you do after those tires and tubes wear out? They are not biodegradable and shouldn’t end up in a landfill. Consider recycling or upcycling. Recycling turns stuff into the same thing over and over again. Upcycling turns something of lesser value into something of greater value. Please check with local bicycle shops, sporting goods stores, and automobile tire stores to see if they will accept your used tires or inner tubes.
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