Appearance Review

Appearance Review Team (ART)
The ART is charged with the enforcement of the Appearance Plan. The Appearance Plan provides standards to evaluate improvements in the Village of Buffalo Grove.

Goals on the Appearance Plan
The plan provides criteria to property owners and developers to achieve creative designs to enhance and improve the visual appearance of properties and to improve the overall quality of urban design throughout the village, while:
  • Promoting the public health, safety, and general welfare of the community
  • Protecting property values throughout the village
  • Ensuring adequate light, air, and privacy for property in the village
Environmentally Responsible Design & Construction
Environmentally responsible design and construction is encouraged for all buildings and developments in the village. The village strongly encourages energy efficient designs for all new buildings and renovations of existing buildings, including LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) as administered by the U.S. Green Building Council.

This plan shall be administered in conjunction with the applicable provisions of the village zoning ordinance, development ordinance, sign code, and other regulations.

Twelve copies of the following documentation must be submitted in order for an ART meeting to be scheduled:
  • A letter from the applicant describing the proposed work. The letter should include the contact name and telephone number of the main contact person
  • If the property is leased or the applicant is not the property owner, a letter from the landlord approving the proposed work
  • Site Plan - A detailed site plan, to scale, depicting the following:
    • North arrow, graphical scale, and address of the site
    • Placement of building(s)
    • All dimensions, setbacks, and property lines
    • Building entrances and exits
    • Door and window locations
    • Exterior wall mounted light fixtures
    • Parking lot and drive aisle layout
    • Ingress and egress from the site
    • Pole mounted light fixtures
    • Outdoor trash and refuse storage enclosures and structures (existing and/or proposed)
    • Location of walls, fencing, railing their height, and the materials of construction
    • Any proposed ground sign location(s) and distances to the property lines
  • A landscaping plan (this can be included on the site plan) of all existing and proposed landscaping. This includes the location, species, size, and spacing of all plants and trees
  • Color renderings (not larger than 11-by-17 feet) depicting all proposed elevations. The color renderings should include:
    • Elevations or renderings of any roof top mechanical screening and samples of the proposed materials, if applicable
    • Elevation drawings and materials list for any outdoor trash and refuse enclosures and structures
    • For new single family homes - the height of the propose structure and the height of the structures on properties directly adjacent to the proposed site
    • Photographs of all existing structures on the site which will remain
    • Photographs of all adjacent properties
    • All proposed wall signs superimposed on the building elevations including dimensions, style, color of letters and graphics, and type of illumination. For ground signs, including all directional signs, provide color renderings of each face of the proposed ground sign(s)
    • A color palette of all exterior building materials specifying the manufacturer name and/or number
    • A material samples of roofing, siding materials, colors, brick, stone, trim, and door and window casings
Once the above information has been received, an ART meeting will be scheduled. Most reviews are scheduled within 14 days. Only one full size color rendering of building and signs and one set of material samples need to be submitted.

Submittals should be directed to:
The Department of Building and Zoning
Village of Buffalo Grove
50 Raupp Blvd.
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Any questions concerning the submittal requirements should be directed to the Department of Building and Zoning 847-459-2530.