Standards for Home Occupations

Local / village business licenses are not required for home-based businesses. The village does not license those professionals that are licensed by the state such as attorneys and doctors. For additional information, please reference the Village's Municipal Code.

The following regulations apply to any home occupation within the Village of Buffalo Grove:
  • Every home occupation shall be carried on entirely within the principal building and only by members of the family occupying the premises. Where child day care is provided, an outdoor play area is permitted. Outdoor play shall be in the rear yard only and shall be supervised. Children will not leave the day care provider's property unless supervised by an adult.
  • No article shall be sold or offered for sale on the premises.
  • No wholesale or retail business shall be permitted unless it is conducted entirely by mail and/or telephone and does not involve the receipt, sale, shipment, delivery, or storage of merchandise on or from the premises.
  • No mechanical or electrical equipment shall be installed or maintained other than such as is customarily incidental to domestic use.
  • All vehicles and all supplies used in the home occupation must be contained within an enclosed building and all vehicles must be garaged when not being used in the occupation.
  • There shall be no exterior display, no exterior signs (except as allowed by the sign regulations for the district in which such home occupation is located), no exterior storage of materials, and no other exterior indication of the home occupation or variation from the residential character of the principal building.
  • No home occupation shall be operated in such a manner as to cause offensive noise, vibration, smoke, or other particulate matter, heat, humidity, glare, electronic interference, or odors, or otherwise constitute a nuisance or safety hazard to the occupants of nearby properties.
  • No alteration of the principal building shall be made which changes the character thereof as a dwelling.