LED Streetlight Project
Buffalo Grove has partnered with Siemens to replace over 1,400 High Pressure Sodium (HPS) streetlights to LED technology beginning in Spring 2015. The new lamps will save the Village 60% on energy consumption and last 5 - 7 times longer between replacement cycles. To learn more about the project, click here or view some of the frequently asked questions.    

Streetlight Out?

There are over 2,700 streetlights within the limits of Buffalo Grove. It is not possible for staff to monitor every light each night, therefore Public Works asks that you notify them at 847-459-2545 or fill in this online form if you see a light that is out or if you see a light burning during the day. 

Measures Taken to Cut Down on Outages
Buffalo Grove is currently on a three-year replacement program for every High Pressure Sodium (HPS) street light in the village. Each year, one-third of the HPS lamps get replaced as a pro-active approach to help head off outages before they occur. The village also relies on the Police Department to do a village-wide inspection once a month where they look for burned out lights.
The new LED street lights in residential neighborhoods have a 10 year warranty from installation in 2015 and are not expected to burn out in that time frame.

However, Street lights may still burn out on any given evening. Once notified of an outage, Public Works will enter the outage in a work order database. At this point for most lights, our streetlighting maintenance contractor will be notified of the outage and repairs will be completed within a week. If the light is on a wooden pole, it is a Com-Ed streetlight, and they will be notified of the outage. Even so, let Public Works know about these lights also so that they can send notification to Com-Ed.

Gas Light Outage
If a gas light stops burning, contact Public Works to generate a work order. Once repairs are complete, a copy of the work order with a description of the repairs will be sent back to the resident that notified Public Works.  In 2015, plans are in place for solar powered LED street lights which will replace the old gas lights in the Cambridge area.