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1. How do I know my tree has Emerald Ash Borer?
2. If my parkway tree has EAB, do the trees on my property have EAB as well?
3. Why did you trim the tree last month only to take it down today? Why did you not take it down then?
4. Why are there different color numbers painted on the parkway trees?
5. Who is the contractor removing Ash trees in the Village?
6. Why is the Village not treating their Ash trees?
7. Can I treat the Ash tree(s) in my parkway?
8. Is it worth it for me to treat my own Ash tree(s) on private property?
9. Why are you taking the Ash trees in my parkway down, but you have not removed the Ash trees from Village properties yet?
10. Why can't you wait until the trees die to remove them?
11. When will my tree be replaced?
12. What type of tree will be replanted?
13. Can I have a certain kind of tree replanted?
14. What if I do not want a replacement tree in my parkway?
15. Do I have to water the replacement tree?