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Posted on: July 5, 2018


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Many streets throughout Buffalo Grove are in need of road repair. Failures on these streets vary in cause-the Village takes a variety of approaches to remedy these issues in the most cost-effective way.

Some streets are included in the annual road replacement/resurfacing program, but others are not due to budget constraints. Public Works employs other methods to address them, including surface patching, full depth patching, pothole patching, crack sealing and other surface treatments. Due to a continued gap between the street budget need and street budget, the Public Works Street Section has begun performing road surface maintenance called “Total Patching” which is cost-effective and a solid method for pothole patching and surface stabilization.

A combination of chip stone and asphalt emulsion are sprayed to fill and seal surfaces. At the end of the treatment, dry chip stone is applied on top of the treated area to limit tracking of the asphalt. The product requires 72 hours to fully cure and harden; afterward, staff uses a mechanical street sweeper to clean up the remaining loose chip stone. When this occurs, information signs are placed on affected roads, and motorists are asked to slow down to avoid spreading the surface material. This street maintenance method has proven to be a more sustainable temporary repair than traditional methods of pot hole patching, and can hold up to the harsh winter weather conditions-including snow plowing. Staff will be addressing as many of these locations as possible this year. This process is NOT intended to serve as a permanent repair, but as a durable and temporary repair until funding is available for permanent repairs or replacement.

Please contact the Public Works Department with any questions at 847-459-2545.

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