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Posted on: February 12, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions about...SNOW!

Snow Plow

Why can't the Village plow my driveway? When is someone going to plow Milwaukee Avenue? The most frequently asked snow plowing questions are answered here!

Which streets are cleared first?

Main roads and streets around schools are cleared first due to traffic volume. During heavy and continued snowfall, opening passes are made on all residential streets every 3-4 hours in order to maintain access for emergency vehicles. Then, once the snow stops falling, streets will be cleared curb-to-curb within 8 hours after the end of an event.

What should I do if a plow damages my property?

Contact us at 847-459-2545 Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm if you have had damage to the parkway or to your mailbox. Public Works replaces or repairs mailboxes damaged by plows with standard installations if the mailbox was damaged by direct contact with the plow, but not as a result of snow thrown by the plow. When purchasing your mailbox, sturdiness should be a consideration so that it can resist the force, weight, and sweep of snow caused by the plows. Restoration of parkway damage will be completed in the spring. Residents are responsible for damage to privately owned sprinkler systems located in the parkway.

Why is snow pushed into my driveway by snow plows?

This is an unavoidable inconvenience. Snow plows push snow from the center of the street to the curb line as they drive along the streets, and cannot avoid driveway entrances. During long periods of snowfall, plows may run as many as 3 or 4 passes, so consider this aspect when clearing snow from your driveway or coordinating any contractual snow plow removal. Public Works is not responsible for clearing out the base of driveways that were just cleaned prior to our plow truck clearing the street.

Can I push snow from my driveway into the street?

No, this is prohibited by ordinance as it creates a hazard. Also, you would be liable for any accidents caused by this act. When shoveling close to the curb, push the snow from the driveway to the right (facing the street) so that it is downstream when the plow passes.

What if I think my street has been missed or has not been plowed properly?

It can take up to 8 hours following the last snowflake for Public Works to complete a curb-to-curb clearing of snow. Please consider waiting to call in a question or complaint until Public Works has had a chance to complete our standard operations. Chances are good that your concern will be automatically addressed by our crews as they complete their work.

What if I think a plow is traveling too fast?

Plows are directed to plow 15-20 mph to be most effective. If you see a vehicle you believe is traveling too fast, call us at 847-459-2545. We will investigate promptly.

Why won’t the Village plow out my sidewalk or driveway?

The costs of such a program would be very prohibitive. We ask that the owners of properties adjacent to schools consider clearing their sidewalks so that school children will not be tempted to walk in the street.

Does the Village plow EVERY Road?

No, many main and arterial roads through the Village limits are maintained by other government agencies. There are three government agencies that are responsible for snow and ice control on 23.36 miles of road within and adjacent to the Village limits as follows:

Illinois Dept of Transportation 847-705-4226, #4

Dundee Road (between a point 1300 feet west of Arlington Heights Road and a point 700 feet east of Cambridge Drive) Illinois Route 83 (between a point 1200 feet south of Lake Cook Road and Old Route 53)
Old Arlington Heights Rd. (between Dundee Road and Arlington Heights Road)Illinois Route 53 (between Route 83 and Schaeffer Road)
Milwaukee Avenue (between Lake Cook Road and a point 600 feet north of Deerfield Parkway)Route 22 (between Holtz Road and a point 1500 feet west of Acacia Terrace)

Cook County Highway Department 708-485-7130

Arlington Heights Road (between a point 150 feet south of Mill Creek Dr. and Lake Cook Road)
Buffalo Grove Road (between a point 150 feet south of Downing Rd. and Lake Cook Road)Lake Cook Road (between Arlington Heights Road and a point 950 feet east of Milwaukee Avenue)

Lake County Highway Department 847-362-3960

Arlington Heights Road (between Lake Cook Road and Illinois Route 83)
Aptakisic Road (between a point 400 feet west of Brandywyn Lane; between Weiland Road and a point 1750 feet west of Weiland Road; between a point 1500 feet west of Barclay Boulevard and a point 690 feet east of Barclay Boulevard)Buffalo Grove Road (between Lake Cook Road and Indian Creek)

Village Snow and Ice Control Route Map
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