RV Outdoor Parking and Storage Regulations

The Village of Buffalo Grove approved new regulations for the parking and storing of recreational vehicles (RVs) outside, which will take effect August 1, 2018.

​The RV Outdoor Parking and Storage Regulations Pamphlet provides a general overview of the regulations.​

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  1.  Regulations Overview
  2. Types of RV's Subject to Regulations 
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. RV Variation Process
  5. Other Helpful Resources

General Regulations
All RVs parked or stored outside in a residential zone must meet the following regulations:

  • RV is not used for living, sleeping, accessory structures, or other purposes
  • RV does not exceed the max size limitations: 30’ length, 8’wide, and 10’ tall
  • Wheels are affixed and parked on a hard, impervious surface (concrete, asphalt, paver etc)
  • RV doesn’t encroach into right-of-way or hang over a sidewalk
  • RV doesn’t obstruct the line of sight for pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • RV should be operable and moved once every calendar year

Driveway Parking RegulationsRV Setback Image2
One RV can be parked in a driveway in a residential zone:

  • For an unlimited amount of time from May 15–Sept 30 
  • For a temporary basis (15 days max) from Oct.1–May 14

Yard Storage Regulations
Anytime during the calendar year, one RV can be stored in the interior side yard or rear side yard if the following requirements are met:

  • Front, side, and rear yard setbacks of the zoning district are maintained
  • RV is screened from public view with fence or landscaping that is a min of 5’ in height

Helpful Resources

  • Zoning District Map. Identify your home’s zoning district utilizing this tool.
  • Setback Requirements (Zoning Code) Setback requirements vary by zoning district and are required to be maintained in the storage of RVs. Review this resource to identify your setback requirements.
  • Village Ordinance. The original ordinance establishing the RV regulations, passed in early 2018.