2018-2023 Strategic Plan

2018-2023 Buffalo Grove Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is a comprehensive and systematic management tool designed to help organizations assess the current environment, anticipate and respond appropriately to changes in the environment, envision the future, increase effectiveness, develop commitment to the organization’s mission and achieve consensus on strategies and objectives for achieving that mission.

Strategic planning for public organizations is based on the premise that leaders must be effective strategists if their organizations are to fulfill their missions, meet their mandates, and satisfy their constituents in the years ahead. An important component of this process is evaluating the success of past planning initiatives.

In 2012, the Village of Buffalo Grove embarked on the development of its first Strategic Plan. As part of the project, the Village contracted with the NIU Center for Governmental Studies to assist in the facilitation of the process. The majority of the plan coordination and development was done internally by Village staff. This lead to the adoption of the 2013-2018 Village of Buffalo Grove Strategic Plan. Five strategic planning priorities were identified in this process, which were Service Optimization, Organizational Culture, Revenue Growth, Economic Development, and Infrastructure Sustainability.

As the first plan was coming to an end, the Village Board directed staff to update the 2013-2018 Plan through the development of revised strategic planning priorities; an assessment of organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; and the identification of strategic initiatives, goals, and action steps to achieve the strategic priorities. Goals achieved through the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan are described in Appendix A of this document.

The Strategic Plan involved the hard work and dedication of many individuals. The Village Board led the way with the support of the Village management team. Village staff members from all segments of the organization spent countless hours developing a plan that would be outcome-specific and measurable. Special thanks to Trustees Joanne Johnson and Lester A. Ottenheimer III who served as the Trustee Liaisons to the planning process. 

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