Protecting your Packages, Post-Delivery

The Buffalo Grove Police Department would like to caution internet purchasers about the increase in package theft during the holiday season. Thieves have been known to follow delivery vehicles and frequent residential areas during the day while many people are at work.  To help combat this problem, our department would like to share these tips:

When ordering online, if the option is available, pick a specific delivery time when someone can be home to greet the delivery driver and package. 
Have packages delivered to a location where someone can immediately retrieve it, such as to a neighbor who is home during the day, or your place of employment (if allowed). 
Opt in to text message delivery alerts – this will allow you to know when the package arrived, and you can ask someone to secure it. Should the item be stolen, it can also give police a time frame of when the crime occurred. 
If possible, ask the delivery company to hold a package at their facility until you are able to pick it up in person. 

Some residents may also choose to invest in security cameras which are discreetly placed on the exterior of their home. While this may act as a deterrent, it may also provide helpful descriptions of persons as well as vehicles, to both you and police. In addition, these cameras provide extra surveillance throughout the year, making them more useful than just around the holiday season.