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Current Police Department Job Openings


Current Salary *Subject to M.A.P Contract Negotiations*
$65,478- $96,616

The Buffalo Grove Police Department, a progressive northwest suburban Chicago department, is looking for the best candidates available. Future growth, advancement potential, salary, and benefits are excellent.

The Buffalo Grove Police Department accepts for employment and promotes its employees without regard to perceived or actual race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, military status, order of protection status, physical or mental handicap unrelated to ability to perform the essential job functions or any other status or class protected by federal, state,
or local law.

The Buffalo Grove Police Department bases its hiring practices and promotions on merit, experience, education and other qualifications applied to all applicants and in accordance with the principles of equal employment opportunity and as required by any other applicable federal, state, or local law. The Buffalo Grove Police Department complies with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Persons needing accommodations in the recruitment process should notify the Village of Buffalo Grove Human Resources Director in advance.

*Applications must be completed and submitted electronically by 4:00 PM Monday, May 15, 2017.*

Before applying, please read the Application Packet, here.

All information contained in or connected with the application will be considered personal and confidential to the extent possible or permitted by law and used only in conjunction with your possible employment by the Buffalo Grove Police Department. Please furnish complete information as outlined in the application.

Read every question carefully and answer each question accurately. An applicant may be disqualified from further processing if he/she intentionally makes a false statement of a material fact, practices or attempts to practice any deception or fraud in his/her applications, or examination of appointment. Any false statements on this application will be considered sufficient cause for dismissal. Any misrepresentation on this application whether actual or by omission may disqualify you for consideration of employment by the Buffalo Grove Police Department.