The Village of Buffalo Grove has implemented a payment system allowing water / sewer bills, license renewals, and miscellaneous billing invoices to be paid online. Through this system you may also view bills online, view consumption history, view account history, and sign up for e-Bills. A $2 processing fee will be added to your payment if you choose to pay online.  

To access this system, you will need your account number, renewal number, or invoice number and the customer's full name as found on the most recent bill or invoiced. 

Water/Sewer bill account numbers can be found just above the bar code on the top right-hand side of your bill (Example Account Number Format: XXXXXXXXX-XXX).  To pay online please click here.  Residents may also pay through the village's E-Z Pay system which directly debits a designated checking account each month on the due date. There is no cost to the resident. To sign up for E-Z Pay visit the E-Z Pay webpage.  If you have any questions please contact the Water Billing department at 847-459-2515. 

License renewal account numbers can be found upper right hand side of the renewal document.  The account number will be numeric starting with the license year followed by eight digits (Example;20XX-XXXXXXXX).  To pay your license renewal online click here.

Miscellaneous Billing Invoice account numbers can be found on the upper right hand side under the due date.  Miscellaneous Invoice numbers start with the year the invoice was issued and follwoed by eight digits (Example: 20XX-XXXXXXXX).  To pay your Miscellaneous Billing Invoice click here.