Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we getting toter carts?
On collection day, residents place the specially designed carts to the curbside for collection. Waste Management empties the cart using trucks equipped with an automated arm that empties the cart into the truck and return the cart to its original position, without the operator leaving the cab. This collection method is much safer than traditional manual collection. Automated collection is rapidly gaining throughout North America. The improvements in service, environmental benefits, and a safer work environment will ensure that we will provide the safest and best service possible.

Why did the Village Board agree to this? What is the benefit of toter carts?
  • The automated method is faster and less expensive to operate – reducing costs for residents.
  • Toter carts are convenient and easy to use.
  • Wheels make the toter carts easy to roll.
  • Toter carts are strong and sturdy – little maintenance is required.
  • Residents no longer need to purchase their own trash cans.
  • Improves the appearance of your neighborhood by giving it a uniform look.
  • Attached lids minimize animal scavenging and pests, and help control odors.
Who is getting the toter carts?
The entire village.

Are there any changes to how I handle my recycling?
No, there is no change to the recycling program.

Are there any changes to how I handle my yard waste?
No, there is no change to how yard waste is handled. There is still a 50 lb. weight limit on all cans and bags. You may use your existing garbage cans for yard waste collection, provided the can is marked with a white “X” and is free of refuse contamination. It is preferred that residents use the brown paper Kraft type landscape bags that are available at any local hardware store.

What is the difference between the recycling cart and the garbage cart?
The recycling carts have a yellow lid, the garbage carts have a green lid. The recycling toter cart is available in three sizes (35, 64, and 96) the trash toter cart is available in two sizes (64 and 96).

What are the options for the size of the recycling toter carts (yellow lid)?
Buffalo Grove encourages residents to reduce, reuse, and recycle using one of three sizes of recycling carts.

Waste Management allows residents to swap their existing recycling cart for another size cart during the month of May at no charge. At other times during the year, there is a $25 charge. If residents would like a second recycling cart - either a 64 gallon or a 96 gallon cart is available at an additional rental of $2.50/month.

What are the options for the size of trash toter carts (green lid)?
Waste Management will be providing all detached, single family homes with curbside service a 96 gallon toter cart for trash. Attached, townhomes will be provided with a 64 gallon cart for trash. That is the standard size of garbage toter carts across the country.

Can detached, single family homes downsize to a 64 gallon trash cart?
Yes. Residents are able to opt out to a 64 gallon toter-cart at no cost by notifying Waste Management at 800-796-9696 during the month of May of each year.

Can any homeowner downsize to a 35 gallon trash cart?
No. There are no trash carts (green lid) available in the 35 gallon size. Only recycling carts (yellow lid) are available in the 35 gallon size.

What do I do with my old garbage cans?
Residents who would like to dispose of old garbage cans may leave empty trash cans at the curb for recycling. Please affix a bright orange “TAKE” sticker on the trash can. Stickers are available at Village Hall for any trash can you would like to have removed.

Will there be a difference in the service price?
Beginning April 1, 2013, the village’s refuse, recycling, and yard waste rates will go up $0.61 per home per month. From that point on, the village’s refuse, recycling and yard waste rates are fixed until 2017. Without the toter cart program, the service price increase could have been much higher.

Are there senior discounts available?
Yes. Senior citizens age 65 years and older, living in a single family home with curbside service, are eligible for a 10 percent senior citizen rate subject to proof of identification. Contact Waste Management at 800-796-9696 for more information on this cost saving program.

I still have service issues, who do I talk to?
Residents with questions or a service related issues regarding the solid waste and recycling program may contact Waste Management Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. or log on to the Waste Management website.