Weiland FAQ

  1. Who decided Weiland Road needed to be improved and why?
  2. Who is responsible for the study?
  3. Who is paying for this study?
  4. Why does Weiland Road need to be widened to 4 lanes?
  5. Why can’t we just leave things the way they are and not change anything?
  6. Won’t widening the road just attract more traffic than if we left it two lanes wide; that is “build it and they will come”?
  7. Why not just build the IL Route 53 expressway in Lake County instead?
  8. What happens if we don’t widen the road?
  9. Why aren’t other roads being improved first?
  10. Why are you widening north-south roads instead of fixing east-west roads where the real traffic problems exist?
  11. Won’t the proposed improvement just increase the amount of traffic traveling through Buffalo Grove on roads in residential areas instead of directing traffic towards roads in commercial areas?
  12. The greatest cause of traffic congestion along Weiland Road and Prairie Road is the railroad. How will the project address railroad back-ups?
  13. Who is responsible for preparing the traffic forecasts?
  14. The traffic forecasts seem unrealistically high. Given that traffic volumes in northeastern Illinois have actually been decreasing over the past several years instead of growing, how can such...
  15. What if the traffic forecasts are wrong?
  16. Won’t widening the roadway just make it harder and less safe for pedestrians, particularly children, to cross the street?
  17. Proposed intersection expansions will create very long crosswalks. Will the longer crosswalks be safe for pedestrians, especially children?
  18. Won’t widening the roadway just result in more congestion?
  19. Won’t widening the roadway make it harder and less safe to turn out of cross streets and driveways onto Weiland Road?
  20. Won’t ending the Lake Cook Road improvement at Buffalo Grove Road just move the westbound congestion problem to Raupp Boulevard?
  21. Won’t ending the widening of Prairie Road at IL Route 22 just dump heavy traffic volumes onto a 2-lane Main Street, causing heavy traffic congestion?
  22. According to the Level of Service data, significant congestion problems do not exist on Weiland Road. Existing intersection Level of Service information shows “low D” or better levels for ...
  23. As long as this much of an effort is being proposed for Lake Cook Road and Weiland Road, why can't double left turn lanes be added for southbound IL Route 83 at Lake Cook Road and for ...
  24. What level of Environmental Documentation is currently being prepared for this project?
  25. Why was neither a draft environmental report nor a draft engineering report made available to the public for review as part of the Public Informational Meeting?
  26. The proposed Weiland Road widening will degrade community cohesion by isolating neighborhoods on either side of Weiland Road from each other. Does the Village leadership believe that ...
  27. Given the scope of the proposed improvements and the impact on our community, shouldn’t the Village be using IDOT's Context Sensitive Solutions process in further development of this project ?
  28. Construction of the Weiland Road connector between Weiland Road at Aptakisic Road and Prairie Road will destroy one of the few remaining open areas for wildlife in this part of town. Has ...
  29. Potential noise walls have been identified along some portions of Weiland Road and Lake Cook Road, but not along others. Why have some areas been left out?
  30. How can the Village allow installation of noise walls whose height violates the village zoning ordinance for fences?
  31. Who decides whether a potential noise wall is actually constructed?
  32. Noise walls are typically ugly. Who gets to decide what they look like?
  33. What happens if part or all of my property is proposed to be acquired?
  34. What future opportunities for public involvement will be offered on this project?
  35. How much is this project going to cost?
  36. Who decides whether to move forward with this project and when will that decision be made?
  37. What is the role of the Buffalo Grove Village Board in the project?
  38. In the best case scenario, how soon could construction start on part, or all, of this project?
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