Register your Bike

Preventing bike theft is first and foremost. It is important that you always lock your bike when running into a store, at school, visiting a friend’s house, or even in your garage. But sometimes your best efforts to secure your bike does not detour a thief. If your bicycle is stolen, recovery chances are increased if you have registered your bike with the Buffalo Grove Police Department. It’s fast, easy, and free. 

Steps to Register Your Bike
  1. Collect the information needed to complete the form (see below). To find your bike’s Serial Number, turn the bike upside down. It is usually located on the frame by the crank (between the pedals).
  2. Take a picture of your bike for future use in case it is ever stolen.
  3. Register your bike.
What if My Bike is Stolen?
If your bicycle is stolen, contact the Police Department and complete a theft report. You can also post the theft information on the Chicago Bicycle Registry.