Speed Trailer

The speed trailer is set up and monitored by officers assigned to the Traffic Unit of the Police Department. The trailer now gives us the opportunity to monitor traffic activity in different locations throughout the village, but keeps the uniformed officers free to handle other assignments. The trailer is not only very helpful in determining the average speed of the vehicles on the roadway where it is placed, but it also gives an idea of how many vehicles use that roadway during the logging period. All this information for each location is kept on file at the Police Department. This information gives the Police Department the ability to determine if extra patrols are warranted at the location the trailer was placed.

SMART Trailer
The SMART (Speed Monitoring Awareness Radar Trailer) trailer has a one way directional radar unit mounted just below the large numeric display. The numeric display shows the speed of the vehicle that is approaching the trailer. The numeric display is capable of flashing when a vehicle reaches a certain speed that is programmed by the officer that sets up the trailer. When the numbers on the display are flashing, it indicates that a motorist is traveling at a speed that if they were actually stopped by an officer, they would possibly be issued a speeding citation.

Additional SMART Trailer
Recently the Traffic Unit purchased a second SMART trailer that’s equipped with a large LED display message board. This trailer has all of the functions of our original trailer but now we can display messages to motorists about road conditions, closures, and other traffic concerns. Inside the trailer there is a electronic device that logs the speed of the vehicle along with the date and time the vehicle passed through the radar beam. The device is capable of recording data for up to 130,000 vehicles before the information needs to be downloaded to a computer and reset. 
Smart Trailer 003