Com Ed Outage

What You Can Do About Power Outages

When your power goes out, you need to call Commonwealth Edison at 800-Edison-1. It is important that each household do this - not just a couple of your neighbors. Commonwealth Edison does not automatically know when the power at your house is out. You need to tell them. Commonwealth Edison estimates the size and location of the outage area based on the volume of calls that come in to this number. While you may get a busy signal, keep trying. It is important to contact and report the outage directly to Commonwealth Edison in this manner. While the village is concerned about outages, calling us will not solve your immediate outage problem. Report the outage directly to Commonwealth Edison at 800-Edison-1.

Please do not call the village to restore power. Call 800-Edison-1 or report the outage on Commonwealth Edison's website.

More on Who to Call

In addition to calling 800-Edison-1 to report your outage, you can also take an additional step to make sure your voice gets heard when your power fails. You may want to consider making a call to the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), the state agency that regulates Commonwealth Edison.

ICC Chicago Office:
Ph: 312-814-2859
Fx: 312-814-1818
ICC Springfield Office:
Ph: 217-785-7456
Fx: 217-524-0674