2012 Flu Shots

Community Flu Shots
The Buffalo Grove Health Department may not be offering community flu shots this fall, due to the increase in availability over the last few years, and the decrease in participation in the program. Many businesses in Buffalo Grove offer flu shots during their normal business hours and accept most insurances.

Buffalo Grove Businesses That Offer Flu Shots
  • CVS Pharmacy - 20 Dundee
  • Dominick's Food Store - 1160 Lake Cook Road
  • Dominick's Food Store - 450 Half Day Road
  • Dominick's Food Store - 770 Buffalo Grove Road
  • Jewel / Osco - 79 McHenry Road
  • Walgreens - 1225 W. Dundee
  • Walgreens - 1701 Buffalo Grove Road
  • Walgreens - 15 Buffalo Grove Road
You can also contact the Northwest Community Flu shot hotline at: 1-847-618-4FLU (4358) for local flu shot clinics.

Please call the Buffalo Grove Health Department at 847-459-2530 if you have any further questions.